Our software empowers your business.

We have been planning, designing, developing and maintaining clever solutions for small, medium and large businesss since 2004.

Empowering your Business Processes with Automation

Where does your time, and that of your employees, go? And what could you achieve if all those tasks took much less time? Let us explore how software could make your business processes more efficient. We can help you to streamline your processes and transition them to the digital world - as a whole, or in part. This can free up time for what is import: less time spend on 'dumb' tasks leaves more time for the 'clever' tasks that take you further.

Specific Solutions for specific Problems

Every sector and every company has its own DNA, its own requirements and its own path to success. We provide specific solutions for your problems, no matter if it is software for in house use or customer facing applications. Cloud-based architectures, locally installed software, databases, mobile apps or websites - we have done it before and can leverage our competence to help you get ahead.

Planning, Design, Implementation, Operation and Maintenance - we can do it

Operation and maintenance of software solutions is as much part of our portfolio as the steps prior to production are. We can cover you - for cloud based as well as locally installed solutions. And for offers targeted at your clients, we can even take care of digital marketing.

Your Digital Business Card

The (supposedly) simple things in business life need a strong partner as well: we can register domains for you, operate your email addresses and create and maintain websites - all GDPR compliant.