We recommend the technology and methodology that fit the problem - and solve it.

For each project, we pick the best technology for the problem in hand - rather than using the one we used last.

There is a reason why the number of excellent technologies keeps rising - programming languages, databases, web servers are just some examples: Like a chef picking the best fitting pot or pan for each dish, a good consultant picks the technology best fitting the task.

DB2 running on z/OS is not appropriate for a system cataloging historical clocks, and Access is equally unsuitable as a backend for an international stock exchange. We know most modern technologies very well and know which one is the best choice for a certain problem and a certain type of organisation. This flexibility is important to us - we invest in it to stay knowledgable about new developments. We actively test and try new technologies beyond the surface - we also know how technologies like the cloud, smartphone operating systems or databases work inside.