Quality is important for us. Software we develop does not merely function - it is also stable, robust, easy to maintain and extend, and made to last many years.

An IT project executed to high standards of quality fulfils the following criteria:

  • The result not only fulfils the explicitly specified functional and nonfunctional requirements, it also fits the expectations of stakeholders.
  • Tests proving this have been executed and documented.
  • The project is completed within the conditions regarding time and money agreed upfront.
  • Future changes are easy to implement, even by a different team. The documentation necessary to do this has been written and handed over.
  • The system needs appropriate technical resources. It operates efficiently and deterministic.
  • The technology used fits the problem, the organisation and the team.
  • The burndown chart shows that issues are found with decreasing frequency and fixed in a timely fashion.

Quality is when the client comes back, not the project.

The level of quality achieved in a project depends on the mindset of the team members. Really good software is created by people with high expectations of quality in their own work. For such developers, writing good code is a habit, and the whole system is the target and the task in hand merely a step on the way.

Competent project management helps to instil the right mindset, motivate the team and keep quality at a high level.