Better business processes mean less struggle.

Our business consulting expertise covers a range of services:

  • Business process consulting: Optimising business processes to increase efficiency
    We analyse one or several business processes and find out how your company can operate more efficiently. Our experience ranges from optimising simple manual processes up to optimising the logistical aspects of complex and variable manufacturing processes.
  • Optimising production: mathematical modelling, simulation and optimisation of production processes
    Analysis and mathematical modelling of production processes can show the critical steps, their impact and potential for improvement.
  • Evaluation of manual processes: Find out how partial or total automation of your business processes would change your business
    Automation is not always the clever way, but in the right scenario, it has massive advantages. Depending on the circumstances, automation need not be complex nor expensive - sometimes, an Excel macro created literally in minutes can save hours of tedious manual work. In more complex cases, we specify and implement integrated IT systems. In any case, we transparently evaluate advantages and disadvantages of all options.
  • Removing pain points: identifying neuralgic points, suggesting ways to deal with them
    Sometimes, the management of a company isn't quite certain why problems occur - e.g. because employees don't talk openly about dissatisfaction, or unexpected tasks take up too much time without creating corresponding value. In such cases, it is important to talk to the people involved in a diplomatic way. We analyse such situations with tact and intuition.